Harvia JM Compact

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Harvia JM Compact [Harvia]
Harvia JM Compact

Harvia JM Compact Harvia JM Compact
Harvia JM Compact Harvia JM Compact


The Harvia JM Compact is an excellent small heater.
First of all, it is very compact in size, and it has very small required safety distances, so it will fit into very small spaces or into a small sauna.
It also has the control knobs at the top, and not at the bottom where typical, so they are easy to reach. The front panel is wood, so it will not get hot, so you can manage without a separate heater guard.

The quality of design and construction is excellent. The heater knobs are lit, so they are easy to use. There is a water collection cup at the bottom, should any water seep through the heater. The heater can be mounted either way, the controls on the left or the right side.

Choose your suitable power option:

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Model:                JM20                              JM30
Power:                2 kW                               3 kW
For room size:  42-70 cuft (1.2-2 m3)   70-140 cuft (2-4 m3)
Connection:     120V 1-phase                240V 1-phase

Size:  W 11.8in (30cm) x D 8.7in (22cm) x H 21.25in (54cm)
Weight: 20 lbs (9 kg)
Rock weight: 18 lbs (8 kg)


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1. Heater power:
2 kW
2 kW
3 kW
3 kW
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