Model 16 CK Blackline

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16 CK Blackline [Blackline]
16 CK Blackline




Model 16 CK Blackline

The model 16 is the smallest of the Blackline heater family, perfect for patio saunas, on-boat saunas or other mini saunas. It will provide the soft heat that is sought after in wood fired heaters, but expect less than ear-curling explosive heat.

Even though it is small, the design is absolutely beautiful, elegant, simple, and the engineering inside is cutting edge.


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Model 16 CK Blackline

Size: W 14.5 x D 18 x H 24.2 in (37x46x61.5 cm)

Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)

Stone capacity: 33-40 lbs (15-18 kg)

Safety distance to flammable material: Front 19.67 in (50 cm)

Sides and back 15.75 (40 cm), Above 55 in (140 cm)

Chimney diameter 4.5 in (115 mm)

Recommended sauna size: 212 – 565 cuft (7 – 17 m3)


If you have a log-cabin sauna, add 25% to your actual sauna size for heater selection.

Why are wood fired heaters better than other types? Do the rocks know they are heated by fire instead of electricity? Well no, but they know a couple of things: there are typically more rocks and they are heated gently and more evenly. The steam delivered is thus more wholesome.

Ozone may be the culprit, as the very hot electrical resistors in an electrical heater cause the sauna air oxygen passing through to turn into ozone, which “tastes” stingy like you may have noticed outdoors after a lightning storm. There is no ozone created in a wood fired heater. Make sure you have a functioning ventilation in your electric sauna.

In a wood fired sauna the air also circulates in an optimal fashion, as the heater draws cooler air from the floor level for the burning and causes a more even heat inside the sauna.

Besides all this technical stuff, a wood fired heater has that smell of wood as you feed the fire, the charm of the flames, the subtle sound of a crackling fire burning.

The Blackline heaters are uncompromising in every detail, in materials and design. The construction and function reflects the over 100 years of experience that Kastor has in wood fired sauna heaters. The Blackline heater has a unique air circulation through the heater, a clean burning furnace, and an elegant and timeless design. The Blackline wood burning heaters have the best energy efficiency, (most heat out of least amount of wood and low particle emissions), on the market.

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