All glass door, bronze

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All glass door, bronze [Polar]
All glass door, bronze

All glass door, bronze  


When you want to customize your sauna, or just need a replacement door, we can help.
The doors we carry are especially made for saunas.
Sauna doors always open out, but you can specify to which side. The direction is determined by standing outside the sauna room facing the sauna. Right side hinges means the door opens to the right. Left side hinges are vice versa.


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Doors come with a jamb, threshold, hinges, door catch, and two wooden door pulls. The glass is tempered for safety. The door is already pre-hung on hinges and assembled at the factory.

Bronze tinted tempered glass. Prehung on a frame, including a handle. Stainless steel ball catch.

24x72: Rough opening in the wall: 27.5x74.25
24x80: Rough opening in the wall: 27.5x82.25
36x80: Rough opening in the wall: 39.5x82.25


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These sauna doors are in stock. Typical delivery time is two weeks.

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