PB 88 sauna

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PB 8 8 sauna [8'x8']
PB 8 8 sauna

PB 8 8 sauna PB 8 8 sauna
PB 8 8 sauna PB 8 8 sauna
PB 8 8 sauna PB 8 8 sauna



The PB-88 sauna has a large floor standing heater, that is fabulous for sauna bathing. It gives uncompared amount of soft steam from its large volume of rocks. Any sauna aficionado will appreciate it.
The pre-built saunas are free-standing units, ready to be installed, without requiring special carpentry skills. Polar saunas are made in the USA of carefully selected Clear Western Red Cedar. They are great saunas, with an American flavour, and we proudly offer them. Polar is able to deliver the saunas very quickly, even though each sauna is made to order.

Pre-built sauna kits include:

Pre-made wall sections and roof
A floor rail
Corner trims
Pre-built Cedar benches and supports
Heater guardrail
Wooden duckboard flooring in sauna walking area
Air vents
Pre-hung Fir door with 15x64 in window, or an all glass door
Wall light
Stainless steel pail and ladle
Hardware (screws etc.)
Polar heater
Rocks for the heater

Choose your options:

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Size: D 96 x W 96 in. x H 84 in.

Material: Walls interior and exterior, and benches are made of Clear Western Red Cedar.
Roof top is plywood.

The heater is a LA 105 Commercial, 10.5 kW, with separate controls as standard.

The bench tops have the Cedar wood going from side to side, the wood is wide, and the the bench is very comfortable to sit on.


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We will contact you to confirm your order and all the details.
The sauna is manufactured after your order to your exact specifications.

The sauna is shipped to you by truck.
The total delivery time will be 2-4 weeks. 

1. Sauna orientation:
CC heater on the right
CC heater on the right
CC heater on the left
CC heater on the left
2. Door opening direction:
Hinges on left
Hinges on left
Hinges on right
Hinges on right
3. Door type:
CC: All glass door
CC: All glass door
CC: Door with window
CC: Door with window
9. Side Window:
CC: 2 windows (+$440)
CC: 2 windows (+$440)
CC: 1 window (+$220)
CC: 1 window (+$220)
CC: No window
CC: No window
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