CC1010 sauna kit

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CC-1010 sauna kit [10'x10']
CC-1010 sauna kit

CC-1010 sauna kit CC-1010 sauna kit
CC-1010 sauna kit CC-1010 sauna kit
CC-1010 sauna kit CC-1010 sauna kit


You can rely on us when you are planning to install a sauna, or in the process of renovating your home, public space or a private club and would like to build a custom sauna. Draw a rough outline of the space and we will design a sauna for you that is exclusive, luxurious and perfect for your needs. Your sauna will be delivered in a kit, full set of material in right dimensions, ready to be installed. The kit is made from materials that are the finest quality, hand picked and manufactured with passion. Polar sauna kits are made in the heart of USA.



Custom-Cut sauna kits include:

Cut to length 1/2x4 in. tongue and groove panelling
Aluminium coated paper vapor barrier
Corner trims
Pre-built Cedar benches and supports
Heater guardrail
Wooden duckboard flooring in sauna walking area
Air vents
Pre-hung Fir door with 15x64 in window, or an all glass door
Wall light
Stainless steel pail and ladle
Hardware packet (screws etc.)
Polar heater with a remote control
Rocks for the heater

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Polar Custom-Cut work instructions (1,8Mb)

Polar Custom-Cut sauna kits are intended for permanent installation. You need to provide a frame for the room and install insulation. The sauna kit includes all from there to construct the saunaroom, the vapor barrier, and you need to nail the interior paneling in place. If you have an existing room which is converted to be a sauna, or you have a special design or an oddly shaped room, a custom-cut sauna is likely the right choice for you. In comparison, a ready-made sauna is freestanding and requires no modifications to the existing room structures.

The indicated sauna size is the interior sauna dimension from your wall frame to wall frame. The sauna dimensions can be anything you want, just choose the model larger than your plan and go from there. 

Polar Custom-Cut sauna kits are made from Clear Western Red Cedar, that is very appreciated and valued for its smooth even texture that is virtually knotless, and its sweet distinctive fragrance.

The tongue and groove format is widely used in saunas, because the tacks or nails can be hidden in the groove and the assembly is easy. Polar has the widest standard bench widths in the industry (24" wide for sauna depths 5' or more).  

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The Custom-Cut sauna kits are manufactured to your exact requirement, to your order, and thus the normal delivery time is about two weeks from the factory in Minnesota, USA. The sauna kit is then delivered directly from the factory to you.   
1. Sauna orientation:
CC heater on the right
CC heater on the right
CC heater on the left
CC heater on the left
2. Door opening direction:
Hinges on left
Hinges on left
Hinges on right
Hinges on right
3. Door type:
CC: All glass door
CC: All glass door
CC: Door with window
CC: Door with window
4. Additional panelling:
CC: Panels for front wall (+$500)
CC: Panels for front wall (+$500)
CC: No extra paneling
CC: No extra paneling
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